Unlocking Prophecy Seminar Series


Although the seminar is officially over, the content of each evening’s lecture has been archived here for your listening (or watching!) convenience. The following links to take you to the respective message’s page, where you can choose to either listen to or download the audio, or follow another link to watch the presentation on Vimeo. (Note: To listen to the audio you must have popups unblocked for daltonadventist.org, as it will open the audio player in a separate small window.)

#01 – Fools Who Fight the Future – Part 1
#02 – Fools Who Fight the Future – Part 2
#03 – Revelation’s Greatest Climax
#04 – Lamb on the Altar, Lion on the Throne
#05 – The Hero of Revelation’s Seals
#06 – A Game of Thrones and Revelation’s Answer to Evil
#07 – Revelation’s Ultimate Message
#08 – Humanity, Morality, and Society
#09 – Revelation’s Call to Worship
#10 – The Beast’s Greatest Conspiracy
#11 – How to Escape the Seven Last Plagues
#12 – The Certain, Unavoidable Identity of the Antichrist
#13 – Making a New Start
#14 – Facing Death Unafraid
#15 – Good News About Hell
#16 – Messages from Beyond the Stars
#17 – Prophecy Predicts a People
#18 – The Best is Yet to Come!
#19 – Daniel’s Worst Nightmare
#20 – Daniel 9 and Jesus
#21 – Daniel 9 and the Rapture

The original 18-night series is also available in an attractively packaged disc set. Audio CD set is $40 and Video DVD set is $80 for the 18-disc series. Please click here to send a message with your name, contact information, and which set you would like to order. (The additional nights will also be available on DVD in the future.)