Better Health Initiative Update

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No doubt, by now, you are aware of our Health Ministries Committee’s burden for the obesity and diabetes epidemics raging across America and locally.
On September 6, the film, “Forks Over Knives” was shown twice at the Trade Center. This was moderated by Pastor Clark. The films were very well received, door prizes given out and advance registrations taken for the ensuing cooking classes.
The next morning, in line with the North American Division’s “Let’s Move” program, a Let’s Move Walking Club was formed in front of Chick-fil-A at our mall. The participants were to faithfully sign in/walk at 8:00 AM Mondays through Fridays for two weeks. Then there was a drawing for awards. This was renewed for a four-week period (twice). In those segments, they were to walk 18 out of the 20 week day mornings. Awards were given at the end of each four-week period. The club is continuing. Tony and his Uncle David are both walking faster and further than at the beginning of the project!
Many friends are being made with other early morning walkers and coffee club people who assemble there each morning to solve the problems of the world. “Gopher,” a 90-year-old gentleman, has been going there each week day morning for 38 years!
Nutrition/Cooking Classes were held in our church on September 10, 13, 17 and 20, 2012. The topics were “Building a Plant-Based Kitchen,” “Healthy Enjoyable Weight Loss,” “Look Good! Feel Good!” and “Cooking Well Gluten Free.” There were cooking demos, health DVD’s, door prizes and taste testing. The “Engine 2” DVD was shown at one session. Teachers were Heather Neal, Dr. Jane Yoon-Clark, Noemi Monarrez and Vivian Raitz. Many of you church members helped to prepare the food. Thank you! The turnout was excellent, and advance reservations were taken for the upcoming weight management program.
The next portion of the endeavor was the six-week McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss from September 24 to October 30, coordinated by Vivian Raitz. Attendees met weekly at the church and saw DVD’s of lectures/cooking demos by Dr. John McDougall and his wife, Mary. By the end of the series, there were 21 “diehards,” many of whom had lost numerous pounds, were walking more, eating healthier and feeling better. Advance registrations were taken for the November 11 bread bake.
On Sunday, November 11, fifty excited people attended a 2-1/2 hour bread baking session in Mr. Dorn’s classroom. After the door prizes, each participant took home a loaf of bread to bake shortly after arrival.
The Tuesday night health/supper club still meets at Vivian’s home. That has gone on for 2-1/2 years. She provides a light supper, they do walking and stretching exercises, then watch a 30-minute health DVD. There are 14 people registered.
“We feel that God is truly blessing our health outreach,” states Vivian, “We are making many friends in the community and also have them coming to/getting acquainted with our church and school facilities.”
There are tentative plans for a monthly “Dinner With the Doctor” to begin in January. Other members of the Health Ministries Committee are: Pastor Chester Clark, Jane Yoon-Clark, Heather Neal, Sherry Harrison, Dr. Joyce Nwadike, Noemi Monarrez, Valerie Jackson, Dr. Bryan Cheever, Dr. Jake Lee and Phil Rafey.
Let’s continue to remember this committee as God leads it in making plans for reaching out to our community in the interest of better health for everyone.