Pastor and Mrs. Clark

Pastor Chester V. Clark III, M.A. has broad experience in service, having worked as a teacher, pastor, and evangelist. His ministry has taken him to more than fifty countries on six continents! His passion is to share the love of Jesus and the truths so important for this time. His wife, Jane Yoon Clark, M.D. is board certified in Internal Medicine and has completed a clinical fellowship in Dermatology. She loves to share about health – especially preventative and lifestyle medicine – and wants everyone around her to be enjoying the most abundant, healthy life possible!

You may contact Pastor Clark at cclark@gccsda.com.
Dr. Jeffeory White, M.D. is the Head Elder of the Dalton Seventh-day Adventist Church. Dr. White is a practicing pediatrician with a vivacious love for people – and people love him! He may be reached by email at jeffeorysr@optilink.us.

Our church secretary may be reached by email at daltonsdachurch@gmail.com.